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Ist & 3rd Saturday and Sunday closed

Maths Lab

The Maths lab was established in APS Fatehgarh Cantt in 2005-06.
The Maths lab is useful for students to learn analytically and for teachers to teach by using maximum teaching aids and activities. Mainly the following activities have been conducted in the lab

  • Mathematical origami (paper folding activity)
  • Model making
  • Project work
  • Data holding (collection of data and interpretation of data collected)
  • Charts
  • Mathematical puzzles.
  • Experimental learning
  • Learning with the use of abacus.

All the students from classes I to XII are making maximum use of it.
Our Maths lab fulfills all the norms established by CBSE.

Physics Lab

Physics lab of APS Fatehgarh Cantt is spread over a wide area. It is spacious ventilated and well equipped with the most modern equipments and instruments catering to CBSE Science stream.

It is having latest instruments and devices, these devices related to various fields of Physics like Magnetic, optics, electricity and electronics etc. This encourages students to learn through experiments and draw out conclusions on the basis of experiments young scientists get the hands on experience & formation these by strengthening their understanding of concepts related to real life situations.

The lab is used by the students of classes VI- to XII students. On the whole it is a place where young minds learn the development of sense of cooperation and spirit of competition.

Biology Lab

Life Sciences is the branch that kindles inquisitive, observational, creative, imaginative faculties of the child’s mind. To make children’s life at school, a happy experience away from the curricular burden learning of the subject through practical enhances the above mentioned endeavors of life. Based on the CBSE norms APS Fatehgarh Cantt has a well-equipped Biology Laboratory.

    The salient features of the Laboratory are:
  • Lab is well ventilated and illuminated.
  • Lab can comfortably accommodate 25-30 students with comfortable working area for each.
  • We have a well maintained and good collection of preserved animal specimens, stuffed animal specimens, plant specimens, charts, models, slides, a skeleton which is arranged in well illuminated glass cupboard.
  • For Microscopic studies –Compound, dissecting, Binocular Research Microscope and Electric Monocular Compound Microscope and Magnifying glass are there.
  • Chemical Racks have all required chemicals test materials.
  • For Physiological and behavioral study different devices like Digital Blood Glucose meter, Digital Sphygmomanometer, clinical thermometer, Lactometer, Water bath, Stethoscope etc. are provided.
  • We have a qualified staff which evoke analytical thinking, practical skill by illustrating the activities in enjoyable manner.

Time to time various activities are organized to evoke interest in subject like : poster making, model competition, quiz competition. To create environmental awareness we organize tree plantation in Herbal garden in the school.

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry lab of APS Fatehgarh Cantt is spread over a wide area. It is equipped with the most modern equipment catering to CBSE stream. It is having latest glassware & analytical grade chemical. These encourage students to learn through experiments & research. Young scientists get the hand on experience there on various scientific facts & formations thereby strengthening their understanding of concepts.

The lab is used by classes VI to XII students. On the whole it is a place where young minds get to home their cognitive skills.

Language Lab

Language Lab in English Language learning/teaching

Good communication skills are indispensable for the success of any professional. If one wants to reach out to people, he or she has to speak their language. The English language, in particular, has become essential in the lives of young people who aspire to advance their careers anywhere in the world. English language learning has therefore become a must for any Indian student today.

The language laboratory plays an important role in the language learning process. As it is a technological aid for learning, it has a number of advanced facilities that can help a student to learn a language with proficiency to communicate. It has become inevitable in today’s context but, at the same time, it poses certain challenges.

Computer Lab

Senior Computer Lab

Army Public School Fatehgarh Cantt has a well equipped multimedia lab with the latest configuration of computers such as: Pentium Dual Core,I3 with TFT monitor, sound blaster card, DVD R/W, scanner, laser printer and LCD projector. Students are taught to develop skills in Computer fundamentals, Computer Programming, Multimedia authority and using the Internet. They also learn the proper use of computers. The New computer lab is equipped with 20 terminals for classes IX to XII. All the computers are connected through WiFi and Cable. N-computing is also established.

Junior Computer Lab

Since the Computer rules the world today, our children are introduced to computers right from the Primary level. The school has a well equipped IT laboratory with 20 computers, all connected on LAN. An Internet facility through Broadband connection is provided to both the computer labs.

Robotics Lab
To bring the students closer to science and engineering, the Robotics lab was introduced in the school campus.Robotics, that is a fusion of innovative challenge based activities, helps in fostering problem solving skills. It helps the students to think more about application of the concepts taught in the classrooms.

CAL (Computer Aided Learing)

The school has implemented classroom teaching through CAL for classes VI to XII. LCD projector, screen and a computer are installed in classes VI to XII.


  • To help the students of the school in understanding the concepts of their all academic subjects (Class VI to XII) accompanied by use of audio and visuals (Graphics and Animation).
  • Content and Virtual labs can be used as Teaching Aid.
  • Virtual lab for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Geography, History, Economics and English.
  • Exhaustive Question Bank.
  • Questions papers and assignments.

Audio- Visual Aids

Giving young students a better perception of invention and innovation is a major responsibility of schools and our school is certainly at the forefront of this revolution. The computer faculty through audio-visual aids focuses on how to provide a creative environment with the potential to stimulate the young minds. The teachers play a pivotal role in organizing slide shows and laboratory demonstrations, which are an innovative way to teach the students. The IT arena is exhilarating with easy accessibility to computers and the Internet. With such opportunities available, we are constantly trying to tap the vast world of Science and Information Technology.

Geography Lab

The Geography lab was established with the introduction of Humanity section, started in the session 2009-2010. The geography lab is well equipped with the wall maps, topographical sheets, charts, weather instruments, geographical models.

As a part of practical students of class XI and XII learn the techniques of tabulation, statistical operations, preparation of geographical diagrams, mapping techniques-isopleth maps, choropleth maps and dot maps, use of computers in geographical data analysis and mapping techniques and field survey. They learn to use the weather instruments like the thermometers- room thermometer, wet bulb and dry bulb thermometer, maximum and minimum thermometer, rain gauge, wind vane, the scales used in mapping techniques, the different types of maps, the techniques of map making.